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About Honda Car Sales

About Us:

Vintage Auto LLC offers parts and service to Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, and Acura car owners. Vintage Auto also offers a wide range of used vehicles to Greenville, SC  and surrounding areas. We have two highly qualified mechanics working in our repair shop who are Honda and Volkswagen specialists, and who know the best ways to repair and maintain Volkswagens, Audis, Hondas, and Acuras. 

On our sales lot, our vehicle models range from 2001 and newer. The majority of these vehicles consist of Volkswagen and Honda models, and each vehicle has been inspected before being offered for sale. 

Our History:

In 1987 the Kellers founded a company named The Bug Man in a tiny warehouse with just one employee. This enterprise grew into a company that specialized in the classic Volkswagen vehicles, especially the old style (Type 1) Beetle. The Bug Man became known for Beetle restoration and repairs, and the company continued to grow. Because of the emphasis on classic VW restoration, the Keller's business name was then changed to Vintage Volkswagen to better represent the company. However, after a conflict with the Volkswagen manufacturer over the use of the word "Volkswagen," Vintage Volkswagen was changed to Vintage Auto, the name we are now known under. 

As time went on, newer VW models were constantly being manufactured and were soon more prevalent in the market. Vintage Auto started accepting the more modern water-cooled vehicles into the shop for repairs and restoration. Vintage auto has developed from a VW Beetle specialized shop to a repair, parts, and sales center for all Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, and Acura vehicles.